Covering up to 40 percent, the garage door is almost half of how the home looks from the street. And whether you are remodeling the whole home or the door is beyond repair, replacing a garage door can give an entire house a major facelift. Performance Building Products can bring new life to the facade of the home and offers many styles, colors, and materials.

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Once the decision for a new door has been made, or there’s no other choice after years of neglect, it’s time to contact Performance Building Products. It’s important to provide as as much information as possible, including the size of the garage door opening and desired colors and styles. Performance Building Products also has a showroom, allowing the homeowner to view the styles available.

Take a close look at the different styles of garage doors as they are not interchangeable. For example, many panel doors move up and down runners on either side of the garage opening. Carriage doors, on the other hand, open out into the driveway and not all homes can accommodate this type of door. This will also alter how the doors are installed.

After a visit to the job site to double check sizing, Performance Building Products will provide a quote for the job and then proceed with the job if the homeowner agrees. Once the materials have been ordered and received, the garage door replacement can begin.

Garage Door Removal

Depending on what kind of garage door is in place, it will be lowered or opened to begin removal. For example, if the door uses tension springs, as much of that tension has to be released before removal. By raising the door and locking it into place, there is no more tension and it is safe to disengage the spring. Garage doors can weigh up to 150 pounds, so locking it in place can prevent the door from suddenly slamming shut.

Now the panels can be taken out one by one, the garage door opener removed, and the tracks and rollers removed. And, by installing everything new, a one-year guarantee can be applied to the work and materials. The garage door opening is now a clean slate installation of the new door can begin. This includes making sure all of the hardware arrived with the door and preparing the garage door frame.

Garage Door Installation

The door is assembled bottom up, making sure the first panel is level before installing. In some cases, if the concrete below the door isn’t level, the bottom panel will need to be cut to create a perfect fit. Once the weather stripping is added to the bottom panel, a nice seal is created to keep the weather out.

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Corner brackets, hinges, tracks and rollers are then installed in place and the remaining panels are placed.

Corner brackets, hinges, tracks and rollers are then installed in place and the remaining panels are placed. End bearings, the piece that hold the tension rod in place, are then installed, followed by the cable that will lift the door and tension spring. Once the door is fully assembled, the garage door opener can be reinstalled to the door and any trim or touch up work can be performed.

From start to finish, Performance Building Products takes proper steps to make sure the job is done accurately and safely. A garage door is probably the largest moveable object in any home and the heaviest. At several points during the installation, one wrong move could quite the mess and even injury.

If you’re interested in having a new door installed, but unsure of where to begin, call Performance Building Products at 360-694-2338 for more information. We service what we sell and put product and customer satisfaction as our highest priority.