An economical, beautiful, and durable option, Wayne Dalton steel garage doors are the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a low-maintenance garage door. With a wide variety of window and hardware options, these doors can be made to match any home exterior.

Models 8000, 8100, and 8200 are entry-level garage doors, offer three panel designs, and a variety of painted finishes and window configurations. The 8000 is a single steel sheet door that is uninsulated, while the 8100 and 8200 models are insulated. These doors can also be fitted with wind load reinforcement for living at the coast or in the gorge.

Steel Garage Door 8000 Vancouver WA

Each style of door, Colonial, Ranch, and Sonoma, offer unique looks. There are two, four, and 10 panel styles, all of which can be painted in the following colors: white, almond, taupe, and brown. Depending on which door you prefer, multiple window styles are also available.

Panel Design and Color

Models 8000-8100-8200 Classic Steel Garage Door Panel and Color Options

Colonial and Sonoma style doors have 18 different window configurations, ranging from arched, square, and rounded. These windows can be single paned or multiple paned, whichever style best fits the rest of your home. There are 10 window choices for the Ranch garage door, as well as arched-window choices for double-car garages.

Window Design

Models 8000-8100-8200 Classic Steel Garage Window Options

Once you’ve chosen the panel style, color, and windows, Performance Building Products offers an array of hardware to complete the look of your doors. Multiple Lift handles, hammered knockers and other decorative features allow you to create the perfect combination for your garage door.


Models 8000-8100-8200 Classic Steel Garage Hardware Options

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