The 8300 and 8500 models are the best-insulated Wayne Dalton residential steel garage doors. Made with two layers of steel, with a thick layer of foamed-in insulation in the middle, these durable doors improve the thermal efficiency of your home, block street noise, and allow the door to operate more quietly.

These models come in five designs and a wide variety of painted and bi-directional wood grain finishes. Heavy-gauge steel wraparound end caps trim door edges for a better appearance, improved strength, and insulation protection.

Steel Garage Door 8300-8500 Vancouver WA

The paneling on these doors come in four different styles: colonial, ranch, sonoma, and contemporary. A fifth style, sonoma ranch, is only available on the 8300. These choices allow you to match the garage door to the house in a seamless fashion.

These garage doors are offered in five painted finishes (white, almond, taupe, brown, and black) and three wood grain finishes (golden oak, walnut, and mission oak). For a wider range of colors, Wayne Dalton offers the TruChoice Color System for these models, which features more than 6,000 colors.

Panel Design and Color

Models 8300 & 8500 Classic Steel Garage Door Panel Design and Colors

Window options for the 8300 and 8500 are where you can really customize your garage doors. Depending which model and style you choose, there are more than 50 options for windows. Curved, squared, arched, paned – there’s a window for every taste. In addition, we also offer Decor Windows which give a stained glass appearance. For even more customization, you can have windows across the top of your garage door or along the side. These windows are also available in different tints, including bronze, gray, and green as well as clear, etched, and obscure.

Window Design

Models 8300 & 8500 Classic Steel Garage Door Window Options

Once you’ve chosen the panel style, color, and windows, Performance Building Products offers an array of hardware to complete the look of your doors. Multiple Lift handles, hammered knockers and other decorative features allow you to create the perfect combination for your garage door.


Models 8300 & 8500 Classic Steel Garage Door Hardware Options

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