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Contemporary Aluminum Garage Door Appearance

Sporting a clean look, Wayne Dalton contemporary aluminum garage doors complete the appearance of both sleek and industrial homes. With large, full-view glass panes bringing the outside in, the sturdy aluminum constructions makes sure the door is virtually maintenance free. These doors fit perfectly with a modern home, or even as a wall for a cafe, bistro, or boutique.

The first step in deciding which contemporary aluminum garage door is best is deciding a size. There are three different styles that sport 3-foot window frames – eight-foot wide doors feature two-column panels, nine-foot to 12-foot doors have three-column panels and four-column panels will be on anything over 12-feet wide.


Panel Design

These dimensions are the same for 6-foot frames, although anything wider than 18 feet will need to be five-columns due to the weight of the garage door. Once the dimensions of the door have been set, it’s time to outfit your garage door with colors and window styles.



If a powder coat finish is chosen, there are nearly 200 different RAL colors to choose from for matching with the rest of the home. With so many choices, it is important to contact Performance Building Products for color samples used on actual surfaces to get a clear understanding of how the color will look. And, while digital examples of these colors give you an idea of the hues, the differences in light sources, monitor resolutions and even brand of monitor can skew the colors slightly.


Glass Options

Anodized finishes come in clear, dark bronze and black. An anodized coat is actually fused with the aluminum itself, creating a strong and durable surface color for the garage door. The finish will not peel off and can stand up to high traffic. Powder coat finishes have many more color options, and are also very durable, but need more steps to complete and are usually more expensive.

Glass options are varied, including clear, tinted, obscured, and laminated. Depending on what the garage door will be used for, it’s a good idea to see these different glasses in the Performance Building Products showroom.

Insulated Frame

An insulated frame is optional, but can improve the R-value of the garage door. R-value can be affected by the style of glass and the size of the door, so contact a Performance Building Product expert for more information.

Regardless of how it’s used – the finishing touch of a street side bistro or the final piece of a modern home – contemporary aluminum garage doors bring an air of elegance. Contact Performance Building Products today for more information.

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* Wayne Dalton uses a calculated door section R-value for our insulated garage doors.

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