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Bent Garage Door Tracks

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Garage Door Track Repair

A small bump as you close your garage door may mean that you have a serious problem. Whether you have an automatic or regular garage door system, it will use tracks that may become bent through trauma or overuse.

When this happens, you may notice your garage door closing unevenly or not closing at all. If this issue isn’t mended quickly, the damage will only become worse and soon you may not have a functioning garage door at all. Rely on our services for fast and affordable garage door repair.

Bent garage door tracks can lead to a number of problems. If there’s a gap between the floor and the garage door, wildlife could easily enter your household. If left untreated, you risk having rollers pop off of the rail completely. This is a common problem that many people experience, so don’t wait to contact a professional to help you fix this annoying problem.

Repairing Bent Tracks

Vertical tracks are the most commonly bent parts of the garage door system. Usually, the malfunction can be solved by bending the metal back into shape with a pair of pliers or a vice. However, if the track is so bent that it can’t be repaired, then you may need to replace the tracks completely.

This is a complicated process that is best left to a professional with years of experience. Protecting your garage door equipment means taking every precaution to treat it safely, that means you should never attempt to fix something that may lead to personal injury or further damage.


Who to Trust for Garage Door Repair

Whether you’re facing bent garage door tracks or another form of garage door malfunction, be sure to consider our highly trained team of professionals to solve your equipment problem. With years of experience in bent garage door track repair, you can trust that we’ll bring the highest level of service and work with you to find the best way to perform repairs.

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