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Garage Door Cable Repair

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At Performance Building Products we have been in business since 1992 and proudly serve the areas of Southwest Washington as well as Northwest and Central Oregon. We are the region’s go-to service for garage door installations and repairs and our team of expert professionals have a total commitment to customer service and quality products. At Performance Building Products, it is our mission to service our customer base with honesty and integrity and to deliver our professional services in an efficient and timely fashion. To put it simply, making sure that our customers are completely satisfied is priority number one here at Performance Building Products.

The Importance of Your Garage Door Cable

  • A critical part of your garage door’s ability to open and close
  • Can Accumulate a great deal of wear and tear due to use over time
  • Can cause your garage door to stop functioning as well as causing a safety issue if not repaired when damaged
Garage Door Cable

The cable on your garage door is one of the most critical components of the entire setup. The garage door’s cable works in conjunction with the drive motor in order to make it possible for the door to be opened and closed. The cables on a garage door will move in a circular manner in order to move the door in the direction that you want it to go. Generally, these garage door cables are of the chain variety or the belt variety with the chain type being the more durable. The truth is that both varieties of garage door chains are designed to be durable but over time and with a great deal of use, they will accumulate wear and tear that will lead to the need for maintenance and repair.


The Trusted Professionals For Garage Door Cable Repair

At Performance Building Products we are the garage door cable repair experts and we stand by our work and our dedication to customer service. We look forward to showing you why we have become the trusted garage door repair company for the areas of Southwest Washington and the Northwest and Central regions of Oregon. If you are having an issue with your garage door cable, we are the team of experts that have the solution for you.

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