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Garage Door Springs Repair

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Garage Door Springs Service and Repair

At Performance Building Products, we offer a full range of services to help keep garage doors in a smoothly operating, well-maintained condition.

Like every other mechanical item, automatic overhead doors require regular service in order to function correctly. Our trained repair and maintenance technicians regularly inspect and replace garage door springs for our customers. Request this service to help keep residential garage doors in great working condition.


Garage Door Spring Repair

Why does garage door spring repair matter? At least two factors place these important door components at risk:

First, in the Pacific Northwest we frequently experience cold, damp weather. A high potential exists for some metal garage door components to sustain rust damage. This problem weakens the effectiveness of springs. It may even eventually result in broken springs or unbalanced garage doors.

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garage door spring

Second, remember the springs perform a vital role in supporting heavy moving automatic overhead doors. Doors typically consist of several layers of steel, wood, and insulation. They often weight literally hundreds of pounds. During the course of a typical year, the metal springs receive extensive use. They help lower and raise doors evenly, supporting significant weight. This work subjects them to intense mechanical stress. These parts sometimes become distorted and loosen; they may bend out of shape and function less efficiently over the course of time.

Maintaining Springs in Good Condition

Garage door parts typically wear out at different rates. It usually becomes necessary to replace the springs long before other components break down. Springs develop a variety of potential problems: rust and distortion, as well as potential cracks and breaks. Since springs perform a critical role in maintain the door’s balance, it remains vitally important to keep them in good condition!

Most manufacturers seek to create strong, durable springs. Yet as these components begin wearing out, they may change shape and loosen. In the worst case scenario, a spring snaps apart suddenly. Damaged springs hold the potential to injure people in the vicinity as they break.


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Ask us to help maintain garage door springs in good working order. Contact us today to schedule an inspection. Our technicians offer complete garage door installation and repair services and will happily provide you with a quote.

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