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Noisy Garage Door Silencing

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Fix Your Noisy Garage Door

If you are considering purchasing a new garage door or need a garage door repair of any kind, choose a professional local company that has extraordinary experience and knowledge. That will result in a satisfactory project that you will be glad to add to the value of your property.

Although garage doors usually make a certain amount of noise and have a vibration when opening and closing, sometimes the noise is so loud that it is disruptive. Our techs at Performance Building Products will be able to inspect and determine if a small amount of repair or maintenance will fix the problem or whether it is a major situation that might require replacing the door and/or its entire system.

Other Reasons Your Garage Door May Be Noisy

  • There may just be a need to lubricate all the moving parts by spraying lubricant on the track, rollers, chains, hinges, and anything else that moves with the door.
  • If any of the nuts and bolts on the door are loose, they may need to be tightened.
  • If the metal rollers are old and worn, they can be replaced with nylon ones. That will help quiet the door since nylon rollers are softer and don’t need lubrication.
  • There are two types of springs in standard garage doors: extension springs on both sides of the upper track and torsion springs on the header that is over the closed door. Any spring work should be done by professionals.
  • Have the hinges assessed and see if they need to be replaced if they are worn and have holes that have become an oblong shape instead of round.

We at Performance Building Products, a full-service garage door maintenance and repair company, would be pleased to answer any of your questions, give you more details about our products and services, and determine what needs to be done to accomplish any noisy garage door silencing or any other garage door repair. Contact us today!

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