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Curb Appeal for your business

A garage door can make quite an impression on the curb appeal of your home. So why not take that wow factor and apply it to your business?

Curb appeal doesn’t have to be just for residential spaces. Commercial locations that depend on high foot traffic can draw potential business in with the addition of a stylish garage door. Even when the business isn’t open, the right garage door can still bring in interested gazes.

With an aluminum full-view garage door, your business can increase the visibility of your product, whether you’re selling high-end accessories or brewing beer for happy hour. Think of large floor to ceiling windows – that can open all the way! The window panels also allow a lot of natural light, bringing the outside indoors.

aluminum garage door by waynedalton.com

Image courtesy of WayneDalton.com

There are several options for the window panels as well. Glass thickness can run from 1/8 of an inch to a hefty half-inch thick and can be tinted as well. Plexiglass is also an option for an added measure of security.

Apart from the look, garage door scan also increase the functionality of a business. Once the door is open, you now have added seating for a restaurant, more floor space for a retail outlet, or even a cooling factor during summer evenings when a little fresh air can make a world of difference.

But businesses don’t shut down during the winter, and that’s where an Aluminum Full-View doors pull double-duty. The doors are weather-resistant and virtually maintenance free and with the option to insulate the doors, aluminum full-view doors are perfect for all-weather locations.

So why not add a little sidewalk appeal to your business? Like your garage door at home, it could be the first impression prospective customers get. Might as well make it an impressive first impression.

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