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Are you a homeowner who is tired of the cold exhausting winter affecting your living space and vehicle? It may be well worth the effort to install a brand new insulated garage door.

An insulated garage door adds a dimensional protection to the insulation you may already have in your walls and ceiling. If you decide to add an insulated garage door, and assuming you have an attached garage, you’re actually creating a barrier between the warm confines of your home and your garage entry point to shield off the cold air.

Insulated garage doors can impact your energy efficiency, increase durability and reduce the amount of noise it makes during opening and closing.

An added benefit would be that the protective barrier could help you save on your energy bills.


What materials are used in an Insulated Garage Door?

In most cases an insulated garage door is assembled using these materials.  Some brands use similar products, please see our experienced team to help you navigate which insulated door would be best for your needs.  

Typically, the first layer of the door will have no insulation and is just a single layer of steel. The second layer of the door will have a layer of steel with insulation behind it backed by a layer of vinyl to keep the insulation in place.

The third layer of the door will have two layers of steel with insulation sealed in between like a sandwich.

There are two major materials that help insulate a garage door which is typically Polystyrene and Polyurethane.

Polystyrene is similar to the material in a styrofoam cooler. Polyurethane usually fills the entire panel of the garage door making it feel strong and solid. Most Manufacturers today commonly use Polyurethane in their second layer of construction and polystyrene in their third layer of construction.

Performance Building Products carry several lines of garage doors, please check with our sales staff to get the particulars on the garage doors we have available.


Superior Garage Doors From Performance Building Products

With locations in Vancouver, WA and Redmond, OR we are familiar with the insulation needs of those living in the Pacific Northwest. We have over 30 employees between the two branches.  Our team includes: field installers, sales, office, and an administration department. If you are a homeowner or contractor who would like more information regarding our insulated garage doors, please contact us today.

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