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Homes in the Pacific Northwest come in all shapes and designs. Craftsman, modern, mid-century, beach cottages – the styles are as varied as the weather, especially in the Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA, area. But no matter the design, the right garage door can tie everything together.

Performance Building Products provides many styles for you to choose from. With Wayne Dalton’s extensive selection at its disposal, Performance Building Products can make sure you get the right look for your home. With many different designs, colors, insulation value, and sizes, your garage door is no longer an afterthought.

Even traditional panel designs can be made to your tastes. The panels can be either recessed or raised and the panels themselves can be short or long. Window options can add a bit of flair to any garage door.

If you’re looking for something a little more country, Carriage House models are available. Imitating the look of swinging stable doors, these models still move like a traditional garage door. Decorative hardware can complete the barn door aesthetic.

For that modern look, Contemporary Aluminum doors can be made with full-view glass, giving your home a sleek look that makes a dramatic statement. And, any of these doors can be custom painted to your specific requirements to fit seamlessly into the exterior of your home.

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It’s more than just looks, though. The garage door can fit the exterior of the home like a glove, but if the proper materials aren’t used, you may not get the performance you need for where you live. Insulation values in your garage door can help keep energy costs down. No more dreading that trip to the garage in the winter to finish a project – a well-insulated door can keep your workspace comfortable.

Insulation levels are noted as an R-Value, and the higher the R-Value, the better the insulation. In fact, the R-Value of your insulation is more important than the thickness of the insulation itself. Even though your door might seem too thin to provide any kind of insulation, the way the door is constructed can make a world of difference.

Looks are important when it comes to choosing your garage door, but don’t forget to think about the construction, either. Performance Building Products offers a marriage between to the two aspects – appearance and performance – to give your garage door the look and work rate you need.

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