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How to manually open your garage when the power is out

As the weather begins to sour, it’s important to take precautions to keep your property safe from cold temperatures. You cover your pipes so they don’t burst and set up your less hardy plants for a cold winter, but what about your garage? Garage door maintenance is super important to ensure your door lasts the cold months without having to conduct any expensive repairs. Here are some helpful tips to make sure your garage is well maintained during the winter months so you never have to worry about getting your car out or doing work in the shop while Jack Frost does untold damage to this vital space


If your garage door is squeaking that means it’s time to add some grease to ensure all the parts are not rubbing against each other causing damage. This is especially a problem as the weather gets colder. Just squirt a little WD-40 of similar product on the gears and tread-line to make sure everything continues to run properly.

Check Weather Stripping

Freezing temperatures and frequent shifts between hot and cold make materials like rubber expand and contract which leads to cracking and other damage. If the weatherstripping at the bottom of your garage door has been damaged, your garage will lose heat and may lead to further damage of property, or at least higher heating costs. To keep the weather stripping from getting damaged, make sure to keep snow away from the rubber, clear it away from the garage from the outside.

Inspect Metal Components

Just like rubber, metal expands and contracts based on temperature. These parts don’t typically get damaged, but they are far more likely to under freezing conditions. Inspect these elements once a year or so to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Hopefully these few tips will give you a bit more peace of mind as the nights get colder. If you think you need garage door maintenance, contact Performance Building Products and we can come fix your garage door and have you back working in your shop or parking your car in no time!

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