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Professional Garage Door Service, Replacement & Repair in Portland, OR

Performance Building Products, Inc. has provided Portland, OR with superior garage door service including installation, and garage door repair for over 25 years. We only work with industry-leading manufacturers to provide our clients with the highest quality products in the market. Our team of qualified garage door experts has experience installing a number of different types of garage doors including aluminum, steel, wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. We supply garage doors, exterior doors, and garage door openers to contractors/builders and homeowners in Portland OR at the most competitive prices. We provide labor warranties for all of our work and honor all manufacturers’ warranties.

Our Comprehensive Garage Door Service

Our Portland OR garage doors services covers every aspect of garage doors. Whether you’re looking for garage door installation, maintenance, or repair, we’ve got your back. We provide fully guaranteed installation, at which time we will talk you through caring for and maintaining the garage door to get the most out of it. We can help you with:

Garage Door Installation

When it comes to garage door installation, we treat every home as if it were our own. Installing a garage door is an endeavor that should not be taken lightly, whether installing a steel garage door or one that is made of wood. Such an undertaking will require the services of a garage door installation company. Garage doors are much more functional than those of the past. As such, we have a more functional door that can be opened with a simple remote control. For years, we have helped many happy homeowners get professional garage door installation that exceeded their expectations. Whether you need to install a new garage door or replace a garage door, our team will have the expertise to easily handle the job.

Garage Door Repair & Service in Portland, OR

Garage Door Maintenance you can trust in Portland, Oregon

Garage door maintenance is a rather simple way of extending the life your garage door in Portland OR. By taking these few suggestions you will find that your garage door will last much longer and help increase the resale value of your property down the road.

    1. The operating motor of your garage door in Portland OR is important to your garage because it helps make your garage door go up and down automatically with a push of a button. Your garage door operator is usually powered by electricity and contains a motor on the inside. The motor life care instructions are usually discussed in the manual of your garage door system, but there are a few steps of your own that you can take to help lengthen the life of the garage door operator which saves time and money.
    2. Often, with age comes missing and loose bolts. Naturally, bolts and other important parts will start to come loose, and when they do they can hinder the performance of your garage door as a whole. Make sure that you take some time during the routine maintenance of your garage door to walk around and look for any missing or loose screws. If the screw is missing from the garage door, do some research and find a replacement for it and have it installed ASAP. If any of your screws or hinges are just loose, make sure to take a second and tighten them down. The usage of a screwdriver usually solves this issue. Check the owner’s manual for further assistance on what you can use to take care of tightening down any bolts that may be loose and need to be secured or replaced.
    3. Your garage door most likely has some sort of emergency operating system for when your motor is not working properly. The emergency system is usually set up so that you can engage and disengage a part of the garage door by pulling a string and releasing the ability to open or close the garage door yourself without the use of a motor. A good way to make sure that the garage door emergency operating system is up to date is by verifying that the pulley and string attached to the emergency release are in good condition.

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