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Fireplace Installation Vancouver WA

While you’ll be hard pressed to find an older home built without a wood burning fireplace, and new homes typically come with a gas fireplace in the great room, many homes built in the last few decades lack any sort of fireplace at all, instead using a central heating unit to keep you warm in the winter. If you have a home that is currently without a fireplace, or you have an older home with a large brick monstrosity that you’d like to remove, or maybe your old fireplace is harboring unwanted raccoon guest, or it’s falling apart and can’t be used anymore. All these reasons are the perfect excuse to get a new gas powered fireplace insert. If you’re looking for a gas fireplace installation, Performance Building Products can help!

Here are a few big reasons to think about installing a gas fireplace:

  • A fireplace can seriously improve the value of your home.
  • Fireplaces add huge amounts to your home’s aesthetic
  • Gas fireplaces are safe and easy to maintain

Most importantly you get all the warmth and crackle of a traditional wood fire without the carcinogens, soot, smoke, and back-breaking log splitting.

A gas fireplace is in the perfect middle between a yule log video you found on YouTube and cast to your flat screen tv and a giant stone hearth that’s covered in soot and you just can’t keep the cat from getting into when you aren’t using it. I had just such a cat, and his beautiful orange coat would turn gray and we’d have to give it a bath in the sink, his least favorite activity by a pretty wide margin. Now we have a gas fireplace, and though our old orange tabby has past away, our current feline companions are happy to lay in front of the gas fireplace, and we’re happy there’s no way for them to become soot covered because of it.

This isn’t the hearthstone of the chieftain’s longhouse, and it’s also not the emotionless digital heating elements of the chromed future. A gas fireplace offers the same natural warmth of a real fire (because it is a real fire) with the same trance-inducing dance of the open flame (because it has real flames). That warmth is markedly different than just turning up your thermostat or pushing your space heater closer to the couch.

Performance Building Products in Vancouver Washington and Redmond Oregon is your choice for quality gas fireplace installation. We offer beautiful models of fireplaces by Superior Fireplaces. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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