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For a garage door that is older than 15-20 years, is sagging, not functioning properly or just otherwise no longer doing the job, it may be time for a garage door upgrade.

For many, the garage door they have came with the house they bought, and likely haven’t had to purchase a garage door before. These homeowners also probably have many questions when it comes to selecting a new one for their home.

Fortunately for these homeowners, a new garage door will last for many years, and thanks to the numerous advancements these doors have undergone in the last several decades, they will be very pleased with the result.

Today’s garage doors are extra secure and safe, and some even come with insulation to keep your garage at the optimal temperature, regardless of the weather outside. They also require less maintenance and fewer tuneups.

When it comes to selecting a new garage door, a homeowner has many choices regarding the color and material. Below are some considerations for getting ready to buy a new one.

Garage Doors are Made from Multiple Different Materials

It’s no question that a new garage door improves the look of your house. If you are in your “forever” home, you will enjoy the new door for many years to come. If you are planning to sell in the near future, a new door will add value and curb appeal to potential buyers.

There are many home styles in the Pacific Northwest, and the best door to choose depends on both your budget and your home’s look. In our region, dampness and seasonal moisture is also a factor to keep in mind when selecting a garage door.

Doors made from steel and wood are the most widely used in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA but composite is another material to consider.

Steel and Wooden Garage Doors

Steel: Why is steel so widely used in Pacific Northwest homes? The main reasons are it’s durability and relatively affordability. The installation is budget-friendly and maintenance and repairs are minimal.

Are you envisioning an austere and industrial-looking door that is making you think twice? Rest assured, because steel can be designed and created to look just like lumber. This means even your Craftsman-style or Victorian-style home will look great with a steel door made to look like wood. Since steel doors are so durable and resilient, over the years they will likely even look better than a wood garage door of the same age.

Wood: Not to say that wood garage doors don’t have their place; homeowners who only want natural materials in their home’s exterior value wooden doors for their timeless look and style. Wood can also be stained or painted to match your home and improve it’s curb appeal.

Though beautiful, wood needs regular maintenance including refinishing, restaining, or repainting to maintain it’s lustrous appearance. Since wood is a natural material, it is prone to swelling and rotting if not taken care of, and dampness and shifts in temperature can also cause wood to contract and expand. However, for a homeowner that is willing to put in the extra time and care to maintain a wooden garage door, the result is well worth it.

“Smart” Garage Doors and Technology

Technological advancements have improved many home-related products, and garage doors are no exception.

It’s not just “smart openers” either; in fact, the materials that go into the manufacturing process are also an advancement. There are specialized lightweight materials that go into insulating the garage doors of today.  There are some manufacturers that even apply a glaze that results in energy savings. that don’t weigh a lot insulate today’s doors. Some manufacturers apply energy-saving glazes.

As mentioned earlier, a very popular advancement is the large selection of faux appearances available, making steel doors look like nearly any kind of wood–rough, polished, sleek, or even highly-grained. Some steel can even be stained, just like real wood.

Purchase Your Garage Door From Local Experts

Ther professional and courteous staff at Performance Building Products will help you find the perfect door for your home. We can discuss with you the pros and cons of different materials and recommend a door that is ideal for your home, lifestyle, and budget..

We sell and install only high-quality doors from major manufacturers. Our professional installers will handle all the measuring, assembly and installation to ensure your garage door operates effectively and safely. It is highly recommended you don’t install a garage door yourself; the heavy materials and multiple moving parts need to be taken care of by a professional.

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