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Remodeling ROI: Garage Doors?

When remodeling a home, so much attention is spent on kitchens, bathrooms, or even master bedrooms. But one investment that consistently retains its value over time might surprise you: garage doors.

In a recent survey by Remodeling Magazine, replacing your garage door with a mid-range or even upscale garage door can retain over 90 percent on your investment.

Wayne Dalton carriage garage door model 9700

Photo of Carriage Garage Door Model 9700 from Wayne-Dalton.com

In their 2016 survey, Remodeling Magazine found that installing a new mid-range garage door, which costs around $1,600, provides a 91.5 percent ROI. For an upscale garage door replacement costing approximately $3,100, the ROI is 90.1 percent. That means when you replace your garage door, you can recoup almost all of the money spent!

So What Makes a New Garage Door so Valuable?

For starters, garage doors may make up to 40 percent of the home exterior. With several different styles and colors, a new garage door helps immediately with curb appeal.

Choosing a new garage door is more customizable than ever before, allowing homeowners to express themselves or make sure the garage matches the rest of their home. With options like TruChoice Carriage House Garage Doors and custom Wood Garage Doors, dealers are sure to be able to find a Wayne Dalton door that meets the needs of their customers’ next home improvement project.

Beyond how the door looks, there are other factors to take into account depending on what kind of door you want. Is the climate a concern? Is your garage door facing hurricane-force wind storms? Will it constantly be bombarded by the sun in the summer? In Clark County, WA, rain is always a prevailing factor.

Performance Building Products has you covered no matter the weather, ensuring the weather stripping, wind load and insulation of your garage door not only looks good, but is protected from whatever Mother Nature has in store. Contact us today for service in Portland OR, Vancouver WA, and beyond!

Information provided by http://wayne-dalton.com.

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