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Installing a Garage Door Opener

Have you asked yourself, “Why do I need a garage door opener?” Don’t think about having to spend a good amount of money on what might be considered a ”luxury;” think instead about the safety and benefits in the lives of you and your family.

A garage door opener installation will provide many reliable and convenient reasons that will result in peace of mind that you are installing an excellent addition to your home.

The most common reason is having the ability to open and close your large garage door using a hand-held battery device that is controlled by switches inside the garage. The old way was to have to open and close the door manually after getting in and out of the car each time.

Types of Garage Door Openers

You can choose from five types of openers:

  • Chain drive similar to that on a bicycle that connects the motor to the trolley.
  • Belt drive that uses a rubber belt instead of a chain.
  • Screw drive with a long screw inside the track that connects to the trolley.
  • Direct drive with the motor inside the trolley that uses a gear wheel to guide a trolley along a fixed chain.
  • Jackshaft mount on a wall at either end of a torsion bar.


Additional Features that Have Been Added to Garage Openers:

  • Automatic lights that turn on when the door opens and turns off after a preset delay.
  • Door activation done over the internet from anywhere using your smartphone to allow entrance and exit of designated people and deliveries to be made.
  • An automatic garage lock that deadbolts the garage door when it closes.
  • A remote lockout feature that turns off the radio receiver when you go on vacation or go away for an extended period of time.
  • An integrated carbon monoxide sensor that will open the door in case the garage is flooded with exhaust fumes.


Fingerprint-based Wireless Garage Keypads

One innovation is a fingerprint-based wireless keypad that attaches to the outside of the door on the jamb. It allows users to open and close the door by pressing a finger instead of having to create a personal identification number (PIN). This is extremely helpful for latchkey children who might forget a code.

For more details on a garage door opener installation, contact Performance Building Products today. Our helpful staff will be happy to help with all of your garage door selection and installation needs.

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